Traffic Light

Netsight Traffic-Light Pages

A Traffic-Light Page shows the current status of a number of ping jobs, and also lists any connected Reporting Paths. The status is based on the Ping Response data from the ping jobs. This is calculated as the percentage of ping requests that were successfully returned during the last measurement interval. A Traffic-Light Page is a collection of Traffic Lights that are viewed together, and is intended to indicate the status of regions of the network.

Some Traffic Lights Pages may be visible when you are not logged into Netsight. Others may only be visible to specific people when they have logged in.

Traffic-Light Pages

To view Traffic-Light Pages, select the Traffic Lights option in the Status menu in the menubar at the top of the page. A list of available Traffic-Light Pages is shown. Each of these pages contains a set of Traffic Lights that together show the status of a region of the network. You can click on any of the pages to view the Traffic-Light Page.

A Traffic-Light Page shows a row for each Measurement Job in the page. The status of each job depends on the most recent Ping Response data measured for the job:

If a ping job has not recorded any data for a period three times as long as the job's measurement interval, the status of the traffic light will be Unknown, but the light will retain its previous colour. For example, if the last Ping Response data recorded for the job indicated that it was Up, it would show as Unknown and with a green background. Traffic lights showing as Unknown normally indicate a problem with Netsight itself.

In addition to the current status, the last change time is shown. This is the time that the traffic light last changed status. Also shown is the previous status of the traffic light and the time that the previous status started from.

Traffic-Light Pages are split up into three sections:

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