Netsight Home Page

The Netsight Home Page is available to everyone; you don't need to log in to view it. This page shows the current status of the Janet Backbone, external connections to Janet, Regional Network Entry Points (RNEPs) and Regional Networks. In addition, it contains any general or regional announcements related to Netsight.

Overall Network Status

The centre of the page shows the overall state of the Janet Backbone and Regional Networks. Individual Lights are shown for each Regional Network, plus single lights for the Backbone, external connections and Regional Network Entry Points (RNEPs). Clicking on any of these lights will take you to the corresponding Traffic Light Page, if one exists and you have permission to view it.

The status lights can show the following colours:

A more detailed breakdown of the network status is shown on the Traffic Light Pages, and you can see the volume of traffic going over the network on the Schematic Maps.


The Netsight home page also shows announcements from the Netsight System Administrators. Important announcements (if any) are shown at the top of the page, and other announcements appear towards the bottom. These messages are maintainted by system administrators.

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